Automotive news


Automakers report higher Q2 car sales in US

Leading automakers reported a jump in quarterly US car sales Wednesday, reflecting increased vehicle inventory levels and the support of a strong US labor market.


Stellantis says new small- and medium-sized electric vehicles will get up to 435 miles per charge

Stellantis says that when it starts to sell compact and midsize electric vehicles off new underpinnings next year, they will be able to go up to 435 miles (700 kilometers) per charge.


Tesla shares accelerate toward $300 on spike in deliveries and charging deal with major automakers

Tesla is roaring back from a dismal 2022 as company shares, which have already doubled this year, were driven higher Monday by a spike in second-quarter deliveries.


Underwater and surface mapping of rivers and lakes with unmanned watercraft

Surveying bodies of water precisely is a challenging task. Authorities and port operators are required to provide up-to-date maps of riverbeds and port facilities. Until now, this has required the use of special mapping vessels ...


Heat-resistant ceramic ink for data codes on metal components

Fraunhofer researchers have developed an extremely heat-resistant ceramic-based ink. For the first time, this enables metal components processed in the automotive industry at temperatures over 1,000ºC to be marked with a ...

Energy & Green Tech

An ingredient in toothpaste may make electric cars go farther

An ingredient in many toothpastes is sodium fluoride, a compound of fluorine. It is added to protect teeth against decay. But compounds containing fluorine have other practical uses that might surprise you. Scientists at ...

Computer Sciences

New mathematical model optimizes modular vehicle fleet routes

Researchers at NYU Tandon School of Engineering's C2SMART Center have developed an algorithm to plan the most efficient routes for modular vehicle (MV) fleets—specially-designed vehicles that attach and detach from one ...


This self-driving boat maps underwater terrain

Researchers at The University of Texas at El Paso have constructed a fully autonomous boat that can carry out bathymetric surveys—surveys of the depth and terrain of bodies of water like oceans, rivers and lakes. The team ...