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AI tests into top 1% for original creative thinking

New research from the University of Montana and its partners suggests artificial intelligence can match the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard test for creativity.

Computer Sciences

Know your audience: Why data communication needs to pay attention to novice users

Computer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently found that data-visualization experts have no agreed-upon understanding of who makes up one of their largest audiences—novice users. The work, which ...


Robot swarms neutralize harmful Byzantine robots using a blockchain-based token economy

In a new study, researchers from Université libre de Bruxelles demonstrate the potential of blockchain technology, known from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to secure the coordination of robot swarms. In ...

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How computers and artificial intelligence evolve together

Co-design, that is, designing software and hardware simultaneously, is one way of attempting to meet the computing-power needs of today's artificial intelligence applications. Compilers, which translate instructions from ...

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Researchers teach an AI to write better chart captions

Chart captions that explain complex trends and patterns are important for improving a reader's ability to comprehend and retain the data being presented. For people with visual disabilities, the information in a caption often ...

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Computer vision system marries image recognition and generation

Computers possess two remarkable capabilities with respect to images: They can both identify them and generate them anew. Historically, these functions have stood separate, akin to the disparate acts of a chef who is good ...

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New mathematical model optimizes modular vehicle fleet routes

Researchers at NYU Tandon School of Engineering's C2SMART Center have developed an algorithm to plan the most efficient routes for modular vehicle (MV) fleets—specially-designed vehicles that attach and detach from one ...